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A celebration of childhood



Meet Julia and her pet bee, whose name is Lemon. Lemon is a Carpenter bee that Julia found when he was gravely ill and then successfully nursed back to health. Unable to fly, Lemon stuck around and, as you’ll see in this video, he even allowed Julia to pet him.

While writing this post we realized that the video was posted back in 2008, so little Lemon the bee is no longer with us. However Julia posted a sweet comment just last year providing a brief account of her unique experience:

"This is “Bee Girl" from this video. I’m 11 now and still love bees. When I found Lemon, he was very sick and barely moving. I nursed him back to health using wet wood chips, flowers and mostly honey. He never stung me, but would crawl all over me. He never learned to fly again, but lived a happy life with me. Thanks for all the nice comments."

We think that’s pretty awesome. Julia, thank you for being so caring and for brightening our day. The Geyser of Awesome salutes you!

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A Train and His Boy (by RonIsNeat) best video ever made.

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Paul Rudd on Sesame Street (by colorthedark87)

Paul Rudd  playing the “Handsome Prince” in a really great feminist retelling of the classic damsel in distress story.
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